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Create Your Own Special Herb Garden

Herbs have been around since time immemorial. Ever since, herbs have served different kinds of purposes. Herbs have been used to treat illness and also in cooking. They were even believed to have magical charms. So if you do you want to have your own herb garden, here are a few ideas on how to create one effectively.

Plan The Layout Of Your Garden

Consider the herbs you want to plant. Think carefully about their types. Would you like annuals, biennials or perennials for example.

How much space will they occupy in your garden? If you want, you can purchase a book that can give you the right information on what specific plants you are planning to grow.

List or draw your garden on paper first. Separate the annuals from the perennials so when the time comes that you have to pull out the annuals, you won't be disturbing the perennials. Perennials can be planted on the edge of your garden so when it is time to till your garden, you won't have a hard time.

Another thing to remember is that you have to plant the tall ones at the back and the shorter ones in front. Also, do make sure that you provide your plants with enough space to grow properly. Proper positioning will help you in this area.

Some Design Ideas

You could consider having a square herb bed. You could have your square bed divided into four by making two paths cross at mid point, each measuring 3 feet. You could border it with stone or brick. A wooden ladder may also do the trick. You could lay it down on your garden and plant your herbs between its rungs. You could also choose to have a wagon wheel bed. Planting here is like planting with the wooden ladders. Plant your herbs in between the wagon wheel's wedges.

Get Your Plants Growing

Of course, different plants have different needs. This is the reason why you have to determine the herbs you want to plant in the planning stage. This can more or less help you find out how you should care for your plants. With starting seeds, remember its germination and soil temperature rules. If you see the seedlings sprouting, check the plants' air circulation, humidity, and sunlight. When you start to see some leaves appear, allow proper spacing.

Herbs are actually one of the easiest plants to grow. You only need to provide them with an effective drainage, sunlight, enough humidity or moisture, and fertile soil. Even by just meeting these minimal requirements, you will succeed in producing a good harvest.

So as well as the immense satisfaction in cultivating your own choice of herbs, imagine the pleasure knowing that you are using your own fresh produce in your cooking.

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