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Orchids For The Holidays - How To Choose and Buy Your Orchid Plants

Orchids are fast becoming popular plants for the holidays. While poinsettias remain the mainstay of holiday decorating, white phalaenopsis, purple dendrobiums, and other colorful orchids bring an exotic touch the home. As a bonus, the flowers can last from several weeks to several months depending on the orchid. Begin buying your orchids in the next few weeks to ensure colorful displays by the holidays. Here are some tips to help you:
  1. Make sure plants are healthy and happy. Leaves should be supple and green, while stems or pseudobulbs should be firm. Orchids should be well-watered and firm in their pots-do not buy plants that "wobble" and are not firmly rooted. Avoid plants with yellowing leaves, that are dried out, or otherwise look unhealthy. Also avoid discounted or sale plants, unless they are in top condition.

  2. Choose plants with only a few flowers open, or in the early stages of budding. Orchid flowers that are all open may not last as long, though if you need an instant floral display go right ahead! One secret is to buy a few orchids to group together, all in different stages of bud development, which should result in a long lasting display. Add a few ferns and tropical foliage plants to your arrangement and wait for the compliments from your guests.

  3. When you get your plants home, water them well if they are dry, and keep them in a slightly cool and bright spot in your home. Keep them away from hot air vents or gas stoves and furnaces as small amounts of gas in the air can cause the buds to shrivel and drop. All orchids require fresh air so an open window in an adjoining room, or a fan to circulate the air, will be needed. Humidity is also important as dry indoor air can quickly cause plants and flowers to shrivel. Grouping plants together, spraying them with water in the daytime, and running a humidifier will benefit your orchids. And lastly, remember to keep your orchids moist while in bloom. Then sit back and enjoy the show!

About the Author: Yassir Islam started growing orchids as a teenager. His passion for these plants has won him awards, and taken him around the world, from orchid hunting in Africa to judging orchids in Japan. His website has photographs from his orchid trips, as well as information on growing beautiful orchids. Please visit

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